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As a society, we may be seeing more and more interracial couples on our TV screens and our everyday lives, but that still does not stop the curiousity about their relationships. YouTube couple Drew and Cheree break down the 10 most frequently asked questions they get as an interracial couple.

“Do you only date white guys or black girls?”

Drew and Cheree both answered that they have dated within their race, and outside their race. They confess that their attraction to another person is not limited to skintone, but personality and character.

One question that was definitely expected, asked about family acceptance:

“How does your family feel about your relationship?”

“They see how happy he makes me and that makes them happy,” was Cheree’s response. Though they both answered that their families were accepting of their S.O., there was an obvious uncomfortable moment. 

However given today’s political and racial climate, could perhaps have some influence as to why they did not answer in depth.

“Do you like the same music?”

When asked about their musical taste and similarities, they responded just like any couple. They have their similarities and their differences, but as a couple they are open to the interests of their partner.

Building on from the previous question, someone asked:

“Wouldn’t it be easier to date within your own race?”

Drew and Cheree emphasize that while “relationships aren’t easy,” it is about the commitment and effort you put into a relationship that has nothing to do with one’s ethnicity.

“It’s about the type of person and the character they have… it’s not about the color skin they have.”

“Do people stare when you go on dates?”

Drew and Cheree laugh that people are constantly staring at them not just on dates, but on errand runs to Wal-mart. They mention that most of their stranger interactions are friendly and positive, just filled with curiosity. 

Cheree warns to expect that when in an interracial couple.

When asked if they have any issues with communicating with one another because of their racial differences, Drew and Cheree quickly shrug it off. They admit that there may be cultural differences, but there are absolutely no issues with communicating their thoughts and feelings.

How do you feel about their answers? Watch the video below: