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The newest Barbie to be added to the Fashionista line is a wheelchair-using, black doll. Mattell released the latest member of the inclusive collection much to the surprise and support of women everywhere.

The original Barbie appeared blonde, blue-eyed, skinny and in perfect physical form. Meant to present the ideal, yet unattainable woman, she has gotten countless makeovers over the years.

Decades in the spotlight we have seen Barbies of different ethnicities and professional ambitions, that still embodied the original to an extent. Today, Mattel welcomed ‘Barbie Fashionistas Doll #133’ to the family.

Though without a personalized name, this doll offers more comfort and awareness than those before her. Not only is the doll a black woman, but she uses a wheelchair and while rocking natural hair. Two factors rarely portrayed as positive or attractive in the child beauty world.

She showcases the importance of diversity— not just racially, but physically. A classic favorite amongst children, Barbie offers a positive role model, while offering children the ability to see themselves as beautiful and empowering. And Twitter was all for it.

The Barbie also comes with her own ramp that compliments the Barbie Dreamhouse, an accessory that the 1990’s Becky Barbie did not offer. Becky was later discounted. The doll is currently available on Amazon.