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The attorney of Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax says his witness will corroborate that his sexual encounter was consensual with Meredith Watson at Duke University back in 2000 was consensual.

Watson claimed that she was raped by Fairfax 19 years ago.

Fairfax's lawyer Barry Pollack said that a person who knew Fairfax at the time has "stated unequivocally that Ms. Watson's allegation that she was raped or otherwise sexually assaulted by Mr. Fairfax is false." 

The witness has not yet been publicly identified, but Pollack alleges that he lived in the house associated with the fraternity in which Fairfax was a member.

"The eyewitness corroborates that Ms. Watson was a willing participant in sexual activity," Pollack wrote in the letter to the district attorney's office in Durham County, North Carolina.

"The eyewitness observed Ms. Watson initiate a sexual encounter with Mr. Fairfax in the eyewitness' room. The eyewitness remained with Ms. Watson after Ms. Watson's sexual encounter with Mr. Fairfax had concluded, and Mr. Fairfax had left," Pollack wrote.

Watson's lawyer has blasted Fairfax's new claims:

"Five months after being accused of rape, Justin Fairfax changes his story yet again. First, it didn't happen, then it was consensual, and now for the first time he implicates his buddy as a participant," Watson's attorney Nancy Erika Smith said in a statement.

"If Justin Fairfax wants the truth to come out, this secret witness should testify under oath, in public, along with Mr. Fairfax, both his victims and their witnesses," Smith added. "Fairfax continues to fight a public hearing tooth and nail. That says it all."