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Donald Trump, nervous about the looming midterm election has resorted to scare tactics in order to secure the votes for Republicans.

Trump is still pitching his migrant “caravan,” horror stories, spouting his usual divisive rhetoric, and fear mongering

“Democrats are inviting caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to flood into our country and overwhelm your communities,” Trump said yesterday. “If you want more caravans and more crime, vote Democrat. If you want strong borders and safe communities, vote Republican."

At a separate rally yesterday, he said “Democrats are inviting caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to pour into our country, overwhelming your schools, your hospitals, and your communities. If you want more caravans if you want more crime, vote Democrat tomorrow.”

Trump has increasingly upped the ante when it comes to racial scare tactics. His team-backed ad sparked outrage last week when Trump shared the anti-immigration video on Twitter. Trump staying true to his portrayal of immigrants being nothing more than criminals who drain the system.

“It’s about issues that hit people in the gut, that people react to and matter 

“We got this great economy under President Trump, but it’s not as much as an emotional issue as some of these other things…[like] the caravan and the invasion by illegal aliens,” said Corey Stewart, the former chair of the Trump campaign in Virginia and current U.S. Senate candidate to the Daily Beast.

We will all find out in just a few hours whether or not the GOP's fear-mongering has paid off.