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Trump could be about to fire Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen any day now.

According to the Daily Beast, President Trump is reportedly preparing to remove Nielsen sometime over the next few weeks and has already let his aides about his new plan.

The Washington Post reports that five current and former White House officials said the president canceled an upcoming trip with Nielsen to visit U.S. troops at the border. He allegedly wants Nielson out as quickly as possible. He has reportedly been speaking very poorly about her behind her back and even mocks her to her face during cabinet meetings.


Trump is cited to be unhappy with Nielsen’s poor immigration enforcement and Nielsen reportedly hates the job. Chief of Staff John Kelly does not want Nielsen to leave, and many are wondering how much longer Kelly can hold onto his own job.

Since the midterms, Trump has already booted one high profile Republican, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But with the Democrats controlling the House of Representatives, we know that every move and motive will now be placed under heavy scrutiny.

So, it will soon be time for a Senate confirmation, unless the president changes him mind. And we all know how much he loves to do that.