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President Trump has declared a national emergency on Friday to bypass Congress and build $8 billion in barriers on the border.

The news is not a shock to many, who knew that Trump would take the unorthodox route to seek the funding in a desperate bid to fulfill a campaign promise.

“I am going to be signing a national emergency,” Trump said.

“It’s a great thing to do because we have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people,” he continued, attempting the justify the move.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke out against the declaration on Thursday night:

"A Democratic president can declare emergencies, as well," Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. 

"So the precedent that the president is setting here is something that should be met with great unease and dismay by the Republicans." 

But Trump is under no illusions that he may be sued over the legislation.

"So the order is signed. And I'll sign the final papers as soon as I get into the Oval Office. And we will have a national emergency," Trump said.

"We will then be sued [...] We will possibly get another bad ruling, and then we’ll get another bad ruling, and then we’ll end up in the Supreme Court," Trump said, comparing it to the travel ban.

"And then, hopefully, we'll get a fair shake."