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President Donald Trump blasted CNN reporter Jim Acosta during his press conference, calling him "rude" and a "terrible person."

The tirade came as Acosta pressed Trump over him labeling a caravan of immigrants an “invasion.”

“I want to challenge you on one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the midterms,” Acosta said.

“Here we go,” said Trump.

“It was not an invasion. Why did you characterize it as such?”

“Because I consider it an invasion. You and I have a difference of opinion” Trump replied.

“But do you think that you demonized immigrants in this election?” Acosta asked. “Your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls.”

“They weren’t actors! Do you think they were actors? They weren’t actors. They didn’t come from Hollywood.” Trump retorted. "That’s enough. That’s enough.” Trump actually stepped away from the podium, visibly irate, before returning and demanding that Acosta's mic be removed.

Acosta then began to press Trump about the Russia investigation.

“I’m not concerned about anything with the Russian investigation because it’s a hoax. That’s enough. Put down the mic! [...] I’ll tell you what! CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN!”

Jemele Hill summed this up accurately.