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Fox News commentator and general busybody Tomi Lahren hopped on television to serves us with more opinions on former First Lady Michelle Obama.

This time, Lahren is worked up because Michelle Obama revealed that the First Lady, Melania Trump, had not taken advantage of her offer of advice.

Speaking on Fox & Friends, Lahren said:

“I’m confused as to why Michelle Obama finds it surprising that Melania wouldn’t reach out for help. [...] Hello! Michelle Obama spends a good portion of her book and her interviews bashing President Trump, bashing the administration and she wonders why Melania wouldn’t seek her help?”

“Why would Melania want that help? Why would Melania want that negative energy,” she rambled on. “And furthermore, related to Michelle Obama’s other comments about Donald Trump, about being unable to smile [at Trump’s inauguration], that’s okay.”

“The American people were smiling on Donald Trump’s inauguration, we were smiling when we watched [Michelle Obama’s] husband leave the White House. So, we don’t really need her smiles and I think we’re doing just fine.”

Twitter doesn't seem to buy that Lahren's "fine" and let her know on Twitter.

Lahren's opinion really bears no weight on anything, but we bet Candace Owens is relieved that Lahren has turned her attention to somebody else - at least temporarily.