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Black community leader and acclaimed filmmaker, Tariq Nasheed posed a tough question to his loyal followers online: "How does "voting" help Black Americans in the predicament?"

The question comes as local and national organizations and celebrities have been urging the African-American community to hit the polls to avoid a Republican-majority Senate. Opra Winfrey has been busy in Georgia campaigning for Democratic governor candidate, Stacey Abrams. Former president, Barack Obama will be joining Abrams today in joining to help secure votes.

There is no question that immigration has been one of the leading topic's for Tuesday's election. Trump's core base has been rooted in nationalism and anti-immigration rhetoric. Just yesterday, the president shared a racist, anti-immigration ad, shocking the world. But while minorities rally together to support one another on the issue of immigration.

Nasheed wants answers.



In a series of tweets, Nasheed weighs up the benefits of voting for people in the Black community, specifically when it comes to immigration.

"When you ask the average Black person to explain what they are voting for, they give symbolic responses. The 3 common responses are:

1. Because their "grandparents fought for the right to vote"

2. Because "the GOP will win"

3. Because they hope to get some trickle down benefits," he tweeted.

"White supremacists across America have launched a Rahowa (racial holy war) against Black Americans, and they have infiltrating all levels of law enforcement and government. How does "voting" help Black Americans in the predicament?"

"Black Americans....Another serious question...What the HELL are you voting for immigration for? Name one single solitary benefit Black Americans have received from immigrants coming here and getting elevated status over you? I can give a list of ways it has worked AGAINST Blacks"

Many agreed with Nasheed's analysis.

One Twitter follower responded, "Illegal immigration puts non citizens over black citizens, and some white poor citizens are even affected too. In California, black people are being firebombed and pushed out of their own communities. Jobs discriminate by requiring bilingual Spanish speakers. Wages are dropped... to levels no American can afford. You can’t pay rent on $2-$6/hour. They are being company trained to do skilled jobs that Americans went to college and incurred debt for."

"I can’t argue w u at all. We hate every form of injustice & that’s why we support immigration as a people but God knows u r right. It hurts—Toni Morrison said in “Playing in the Dark” everyone non white comes to America gets special elevation for NOT being BLACK. #AWFUL😡," another wrote.

But not everybody shared Nasheed's views.

"I would add WHEN we vote. We showed up en masse to vote for Obama, but stayed home for the midterm elections & bashed him for not doing more when he had major opposition in a GOP controlled House & Senate. We have a chance to change that & many are still talking about not voting," somebody wrote.

Nasheed has never been scared to air his feelings about the system of oppression and has always pushed for the betterment of the Black community. Whether or not Black people decide to hit the polls, they should indeed examine the benefits and not just vote for voting's sake.