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As the whispers of Stacey Abrams possibly running in the 2020 elections alongside Joe Biden as his running mate, Abrams is still carefully deliberating over her options.

The popular Democrat sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, alongside Florida's Andrew Gillium to each discuss their plans for the future.

“I am so honored and gratified with the work that we've done,” Abrams said. “But you shouldn't run for an office just because an office is there. You shouldn't run for an office as a stepping stone to another office. You should run when you are called to be the person to make that change.”

When asked about her thoughts about running for a Senate seat, governorship or the presidency, Abrams told THR.

“I think I’m smart enough to do all these jobs, but the question is: am I the right person? Because the minute I step forward, or I win, I'm telling someone else they shouldn't be that person,” Abrams said. 

“My responsibility is to make a choice that is grounded in my values and the ethics of doing the right thing and making a choice that I can win. It's not about the poll numbers.”

Abrams also addressed how conversations over a presidential run ignore the power of local and state leaders like governors. 

“Jim Crow never had a federal law. It's all state,” Abrams said. “Governors are in court, and they're often discounted and devalued because they are not seen as the architects of social policy that they are.”

So as it stands, it seems that Abrams may not be ready to make any bid for the 2020 elections as there is a lot more work to do.

Gillium, on the other hand, has already announced his intentions to run for president has his campaign is well underway.

Should Abrams run?