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Former Congresswoman Mia Love has refused to condemn President Donald Trump's recent remarks as racist following the backlash of his aimed at four progressive congresswomen, telling critics to "take the high road."

Love appeared as a guest on New Day to discuss the controversial tweets alongside New York Times' journalist Frank Bruni and CNN's Bianna Golodryga.

"Just to be clear, do you see those tweets as racist?" Alisyn Camerota asked Love.

Love would not state that the tweets were racist:

"Racist is a very — I take that word incredibly seriously. I don't — I'm not in the president's head. I do not think that these comments help," she replied. "I am not going to get into whether he is racist. I don't think that those comments help him. I don't think that the comments help his narrative. I'm incredibly frustrated; I continue to be frustrated."

Golodryga then challenged Love's response:

"Let's stop dancing around this issue; it's a racist comment. It's a racist comment any time somebody says go back to the country from which you came," Golodryga said.

"Mia Love said she's frustrated, Republicans are frustrated, I'm frustrated with that interview. All due respect, I have no idea why she's dancing around calling these comments racist. She's no longer in Congress and still seems unwilling to call out the president's behavior for what it is. Those were racist — no, please, my turn, those were racist Tweets," Bruni added.

"Republicans aren't running away from that tweet or comments in the tweet because they are icky, they are being silent because they fear if they cross Donald Trump, he will make it difficult for them to get re-elected. This is a pure political calculation," she continued.

But Love would not back down, and continued to side with the racist-in-chief:

"I see the bigger issue here. The bigger issue to me is when I go out and see how the world views us, I see the world looking at us tearing each other apart. I’m sorry, don’t tell me how I should feel about what somebody says about me because I have grown up as a Black woman in America my entire life," Love shot back. "I have been taught that I will not allow anyone make me a victim."