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Rep. Maxine Waters has spoken out about the decision to launch an inquiry into impeaching President Trump after he allegedly encouraged a foreign leader to investigate Democratic presidential challenger - Joe Biden.

"As I have stated time and time again, Donald Trump is a dangerous and dishonorable man," she said on SiriusXM's The Joe Madison Show. "He has no respect for our democracy, our Constitution, or the rule of law."

"So far that's all we know, but what's interesting is this, the Senate passed a resolution saying they wanted to hear from the whistleblower," she said continued. "They want that information. Now, let me just say this, Joe, as I have talked about impeachment all this time, and I felt that this president was dishonorable, deceitful, a liar, dangerous, and people were saying, well, you know, even if you get to impeachment, you won't have the support of the Senate. That's speculation. I think it has always been misplaced. I've always felt if you do your work if you keep going after connecting the dots, that the Senate will have to come along at some point as certain things are revealed."

Waters and Trump have exchanged jabs since his election, with Trump even going as far as to call her a "low IQ individual." But Walters has long rallied for his impeachment and is hopeful that the Senate will support the investigation.

"The president stepped over the line. He has abused his power, and he felt that nothing could happen to him. And he has been openly talking about the fact that he had a conversation with the president [of Ukraine], and he did discuss Biden, and he did discuss getting information on Biden in an investigation that would help him in his reelection. So, I'm saying that those people who felt that the Senate would never, ever, ever support impeachment, I never agreed with that and I always thought that there is a possibility."