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Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) revealed that she's skeptical about the teenage migrants being held in the detention centers across the country.

Wilson made an appearance on 'The Last Word' with Lawrence O'Donnell and expressed her concern about the thousands of children being separated from their parents at the border.

Wilson was one of the Democrats who recently visited two detention centers in Texas.

"I asked to see the girls. There are 700 girls in this facility, I saw 30," Wilson said following her visit. "When I tried to go into the dormitory that houses the girls, they said to me they were in in-take, and it might be dangerous or contagious. That's what they said to me. So I'm staying because I want to see what's dangerous, what is contagious because I do not believe them."

O'Donnell then quizzed Wilson about what she saw during her visit.

"What did you find there at this largest facility holding children in the United States?" he asked her.

"Well, I found an overcrowded place that children have no place being there," she replied.

"I had been there for hours, and I kept saying, 'Where are the adolescent girls? Let me see the adolescent girls!' Because I am concerned about their well-being and what kind of help they are getting in addressing moving from girlhood to womanhood," she continued. "And no one showed me the girls."

She also expressed her concerns that the children were not getting an education while holed up on the centers. She also claims that she has only witnessed boys playing outside and never any girls.

"So this is very disturbing to me, and I'm going to stay on this and find out what is going on with these girls in this facility, because we have the Super Bowl coming up in 2020 right here in Miami, and I don't trust that facility. I don't trust people with adolescent girls."