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Ohio Republican state lawmaker Candice Keller has blamed the recent mass shootings in the US on former President Barack Obama, "fatherlessness," video games and "drag queen advocates."

Republicans are now demanding that she tender her resignation.

In a Facebook post, Keller complained about liberals playing the "blame game" after every shooting and asked why not place the blame where it belongs. 

Keller wrote that "the breakdown of the traditional American family(thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates); fatherlessness, a subject no one discusses or believes is relevant; the ignoring of violent video games; the relaxing of laws against criminals(open borders); the acceptance of recreational marijuana; failed school policies(hello, parents who defend misbehaving students): disrespect to law enforcement(thank you, Obama)."

Her remarks have drawn criticism from both parties, and now the GOP is calling for Keller to hand in her resignation:

"While our nation was in utter shock over the acts of violence in El Paso and Dayton, Republican State Representative Candice Keller took to social media to state why she thought these acts were happening," Ohio Republican Party leader Jane Timken said in a statement. 

"Candice Keller's Facebook post was shocking and utterly unjustifiable. Our nation is reeling from these senseless acts of violence, and public servants should be working to bring our communities together, not promoting divisiveness."

Keller responded to Timken's call for her resignation with the following statement: 

"Establishment moderates have never been fans of mine because I ran against their endorsement and won. As the only conservative in this race, I will be taking my Senate campaign to the voters to decide."