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Cohen's lawyer has revealed that his client Michael Cohen has the evidence to back up every statement he has made regarding Trump.

Speaking on Sunday to"Face the Nation," Lanny Davis addressed several things, including Trump hopping on Twitter to call his former lawyer a "rat."

"This is the top law enforcement officer in our system of government calling somebody who decides to tell the government the truth, "A rat." That's the language of a mobster not of the president," Davis said.

"But Michael Cohen took ownership and personal responsibility for lying, and he's going to jail as a consequence, and he authorized me, several times, to say he wouldn't take a pardon from Donald Trump if it was handed to him."

When asked if a pardon was talked about between Cohen and Trump, Davis denied the rumors.

"Never. But he announced ahead of time, wouldn't take it even if it was handed to him. And let's remember that Michael Cohen has corroborating evidence for everything that he has said. Mr. Mueller certainly does on the issue of the purpose of the money paid to Stormy Daniels the same man who called Michael Cohen a rat denied on Air Force One to the American people that he knew anything about Stormy Daniels and Mr. Giuliani, who this morning was on television accusing Michael Cohen of lying, the very next day waived attorney-client privilege and said no his client did pay Stormy Daniels. 

"So Michael Cohen is now taking ownership in his statement to the court of his personal responsibility for his behavior when he worked for Donald Trump. Now that he saw Donald Trump as president he underwent a genuine transformation because he feared for his country and his family When Donald Trump was president."

Davis would not explain exactly what the evidence was, but he did hint towards it.

"What did Mr. Cohen mean by evidence or Mr. Mueller mean by evidence? I can't tell you anything about what Mr. Mueller meant, let's wait. But I can tell you that when he used the words "core issues," those words are about the Russian investigation. And Mr. Mueller is careful with his words. And he also mentioned that Mr. Cohen provided information regarding the Moscow Trump Tower and that he was contacted by a senior government official and the press secretary to Vladimir Putin. So there's a lot in the Mueller memo that tells you how forthcoming, for 70 hours in seven meetings, Michael Cohen was with Mr. Mueller."

Needless to say, it will be fascinating to see how this all plays out. Could Cohen's be the trigger for Trump's impeachment?