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Julian Castro has slammed the current secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson during a recent interview.

Castro stopped by The Clay Cane Show on SiriusXM Urban View, and when asked about Carson's performance, he didn't hold back. Castro held the position before Trump took office.

"It just doesn't seem like he really believes in the mission of the organization. This administration thinks that if you're poor, there's something wrong with you. I don't believe that. I know there are a lot of hardworking folks there or people who have been hardworking their whole lives and then they run into challenges in their life… So I don't see people who are poor as any less than anybody else," he told Cane.

"When I was there, I wanted to make sure that we could deliver the tools that folks could use to ensure that they're on the path they want to be in life, whether it was Internet access or we started working more closely with health and human services around health care and housing. We sent out guidance to housing authorities across the country that said, 'Just because somebody has a criminal record doesn't mean that you should automatically x them out from being able to live in public housing.'… I just wish that this administration would spend more time actually investing in the very hardworking and deserving people who live in public housing. I believe that if we lift them that they will help lift America," he continued.

Carson has already announced that he will be resigning at the end of the year, an announcement which was celebrated across the country. Carson is out of touch if nothing else.

"Secretary Carson in his own upbringing, I don't think he lived in public housing, but he grew up in tough circumstances… I wish that they would extend that ladder down and help folks be able to rise and climb them themselves instead of pulling that ladder out and not giving them the same opportunity that a lot of them have."