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Former Vice President Joe Biden surprised potential voters when he speculated about how a political assassination of Barack Obama might have impacted the country in 2008.

Biden shared with a group of young Democrats from Dartmouth College that while he was his final year of law school, two of his political heroes, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy, were assassinated within weeks of each other.

"I think of where we are at the moment. You know, none of you men are old — women are old enough, but a couple of you guys are old enough to remember. I graduated in 1968. Everybody before me was, drop out, go to Haight-Ashbury, don't trust anybody over 30, everybody not getting involved. I'm serious, I know no woman will shake their head and acknowledge it, but you guys know what I'm talking about. Right?" Biden said, Per the NY Times.

"But then what happened? Dr. Ki— I only have two political heroes. I have one hero who was my dad, but I have two political heroes were Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. My senior semester they were both shot and killed. Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. What would have happened in America?"

Biden brought up the question as part of a discussion about what causes young people to become politically involved. 

"Unless I'm mistaken, Donald Trump did for your generation what the loss of two of my heroes did for mine," he told the students, adding, "What they did was make you realize: My God, we're in trouble."