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Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford has taken a well-deserved swipe ay, President Trump, in a recent interview accusing the president of being a poor role model for the youth.

During an appearance on CBS' Face The Nation on Sunday, Lankford said, "I don't think that President Trump as a person is a role model for a lot of different youth."

"That's just me personally," he continued: "I don't like the way that he tweets, some of the things that he says, his word choices at times are not my word choices. He comes across with more New York City swagger than I do from the Midwest and definitely not the way that I'm raising my kids."

He went on to add, "Saying that, there are policy areas that we agree on, and when we agree on those things, we work on those things together," Lankford said. "But it's also been a grand challenge to be able to say, for a person of faith, for a person who believes that there is a right way to go on things I- I wish that he did. And he was more of a role model in those areas.

"Now, saying all that, on the area of life where I'm very passionate about, on the issues of abortion, for instance. He's been tenaciously pro-life," he went on. "He's focused on putting people around him that are very focused on religious liberty, not honoring a particular faith, but honoring any person of any faith to go be able to live and practice that faith and to have respect for that. That's helpful for any person of faith." 

Despite his criticism, Lankford says that he prays for the president often:

"I'll tell you that praying for the president is probably one of the greatest spiritual challenges I've had to work through in my life," he continued, adding: "We've had a conversation about his treatment of refugees and his blocking folks from coming to our country and the so-called Muslim ban that he enacted right when he was elected. And we've also had a conversation about abortion and reproductive rights. And I think we vigorously, vigorously disagree on both."