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On Tuesday, President Trump delivered his State of the Union address and Gayle King called Trump's speech "pretty" tame and was not impressed overall.

Speaking on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," King expressed her feelings following the national address calling the speech “pretty tame” and that the president tried to “extend an olive branch” to the Democrats.

But King had some stronger feelings about the president's remarks on immigration.

“I always find it disturbing though, Stephen, when he talks about the wall. You would think that there were marauding immigrants and migrant workers who are coming into this country who are going to murder us while we’re sleeping in our beds,” King said. “I was at Texas at the border. When you see these people and you talk to these people, just think what it’s like- you have to leave your own country to come to a country where you’re not welcomed but you still think that it’s better to be here than there. They’re fleeing for their lives, they’re trying to support their families, they’re really trying to save their lives.

“You’re separating these children from their parents. These people are coming because they want a better life, they’re just trying to live,” King continued. “Sure, there are some outliers, but that is not the majority of the people.”

King also detailed meeting a rape victim and a gang member at the border attempting to flee their countries to start over fresh and free from trauma. 

Watch the clip below.