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Two former coal miners have accused Trump of lying to them about mining jobs. Coal mines are closing across America despite promises made by Trump. 

Speaking to CNN’s Bill Weir on Monday, coal mining consultant Arthur Sullivan said the following:

“He’s trying to get [miners’] votes, he isn’t telling them the truth,” Sullivan said. “He’s lying to them.”

Former coal miner Blair Zimmerman also chimed in, accusing Trump of giving "false hope" to the dying industry,

“Deregulating stuff will help this much... It’s not going to help a lot.”

Watch Raw Story's video below.

Not everybody feels as strongly about Trump's promise.

Back in August, Luke Popovich spoke to USA Today about Trump's words to the coal industry.

“What has happened, I think, is it has given the industry and investors the assurance that at least their government is not going to discourage production and we only have to deal with the marketplace,” Popovich said.

“Instead of having to fight natural gas, subsidized renewals and our own government, now we are at least free to compete in the marketplace. That has been the big change as far as we’re concerned.”

Trump made several big promises during his campaign, and he is currently fixated on fulfilling his promise to build a southern border wall. This had led to a government shutdown spanning over two weeks.