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Florida's secretary of state was forced to resign after images of him in Blackface surfaced on the internet.

Michael Ertel, belonged to the administration of the newly elected Gov. Ron DeSantis, was seen in the photo posing as a Hurricane Katrina victim in blackface at a private Halloween party. The pic was taken over 14 years ago.

At the time, Ertel had been serving as the Seminole County supervisor of elections and was only two months following the hurricane which New Orleans is still recovering from.

"I am submitting my resignation as Florida Secretary of State effective immediately," Ertel said in an email sent to DeSantis per CNN. 

"It has been an honor to serve you and the voters of Florida."

"The governor accepted Secretary Ertel's resignation," the governor's office said.

Ertel has confirmed that it is him in the photos.

"There's nothing I can say," Ertel told USA Today, refusing to comment further.

DeSantis has also spoken out about his disappointment over the scandal.

“I want people to be able to lead and not have any of these things swirling around,” said DeSantis in Marianna, reports AP.

“I don’t want to get mired into kind of side controversies,” he continued.