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Republican governor of Florida Rick Scott is recusing himself from his role certifying state elections.

His Democratic opponent Senator Bill Nelson has sued to extend a deadline for the recount to be completed across the entire state as his peer Stacey Abrams has done in the state of Georgia.

Both were extremely tight races, but many voters have stepped forward to announce that they were unable to vote and boxes of uncounted votes have been discovered in both states.

"I recused myself from certifying results on the Elections Canvassing Commission in 2014, and I will do so again this year. This is nothing new. Bill Nelson is confused and doesn’t even know how Florida works- I have no role in supervising/ overseeing the ongoing recount process," he tweeted.

The recusal should have come before he entered the race. Is it too little too late? Has the damage already been done? The League of Women Voters of Florida and Common Cause had filed a lawsuit on Monday to remove Scott from any official role in the electoral process.

"Governor Scott needs to recuse himself in the recount and do it now," New York Senator Chuck Schumer told reporters in Congress. "He's a contestant in this election and can't possibly be trusted to be a natural and fair arbiter as the votes are tallied."

Both Scott and Donald Trump have both accused Democrats of trying to steal the votes, but people are wondering why is their such a battle to have every vote counted in the first place. That is the point of an election after all.