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Rep. Will Hurd paid a visit to 'The Daily Show' with Trevor Noah where he asked Hurd about being a Black Republican.

Hurd is the only black Republican in the House of Representatives, and one of only two black Republicans in the 116th Congress.

 “There are pages of your policies that are very difficult to distinguish from what many Democrats are saying, I’ll be honest. I think there are more Democrats saying what you’re saying than Republicans saying what you’re saying. What do you think makes you a Republican?” Noah asked Hurd.

“I believe in minority rights, I believe in economic choice, I believe in consumer choice, I believe in separation of powers—these are all the things that I believe, and I’m going to continue to push this. But I also know that the only way we get big things done is by doing it together," Hurd responded.

Noah then further pressed the Texas Congressman, asking him:

“How do you respond to Black Americans who say, Will, how can you support a party that very clearly tries to disenfranchise the black vote, very clearly tries to implement laws and ideas that oppress Black people in America. How can you be a Black person and a Republican?” asked Noah. “Isn’t that in and of itself a paradox? And not because no one can be what they want to be, but rather because this Republican Party, specifically, seems to favor ideas and laws that target Black people.”

Hurd appeared to skate around the question:

“Well, I would say to that that I support growing the amount of people that can actually turn out and vote. I support making sure that the police are properly trained and aren’t targeting black men and women unnecessarily. I believe in things like ‘opportunity zones’ to making sure we’re growing the opportunity for someone to move up the economic ladder. You know, my Dad’s black, my Mom is white. They got married and moved to South Texas in 1971, and even then, my Dad couldn’t stop in restaurants or go to any hotel. He couldn’t do that then. And then, fast forward 40 years later, their youngest son is a member of Congress. So I disagree with the premise, and my goal is to make sure we have a competition of ideas within the party, and amongst the party.”

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