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Candace Owens has once again sparked controversy as she recently called police brutality "a myth."

Speaking to Fox News host, Laura Ingraham Owens stated that she felt that the Democrats were "laying down the groundwork for Hillary [Clinton] to run" by using "awful name-calling rhetoric."

"Obama did a lot to tear this country apart. I do not remember when I was growing up, having all of these race issues, okay? I really don't remember it. Then suddenly, towards the end of Obama, we started hearing all of this rhetoric drummed up. It became White vs. Black all over again. And I say all over again… I shouldn't even say that because when I was alive, this was not an issue. It became all about race," she told Ingraham.

"I really do think that they were laying down the groundwork for Hillary [Clinton] to run because they had already pre-selected her to be the President of the United States. So they started using that awful name-calling rhetoric, which they fell short of," she continued.

Owens is pointing the finger firmly at former President of the United States, Barack Obama, alleging that he "backed up the police violence stuff. It's the myth of police brutality. He added gasoline to a fire that was simply untrue. The myth of police brutality… White Americans and Hispanic Americans are shot at a higher rate than Black Americans. We commit crimes at a higher rate as Black Americans. It's 100 percent a fact."

Watch a clip of the interview below.