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In a recent interview on Fox News, Harvard philosophy professor Dr. Cornel West debates Blexit Movement founder Candace Owens on 'The Ingraham Angle' about the president's history with African Americans.

Laura Ingraham lauded President Trump's employment increase amongst the Black community (which is said to have increased by at least 4%) before introducing her guests.

Dr. West told the panel, “The problem is though, my dear sister, the president has a language that creates an atmosphere that is so xenophobic, against Black folk, Mexicans, Muslims,” West continued, adding, “He rarely wants to stay in contact with their humanity.”

Owens was quick to defend Trump:

"Well, look I think the President is doing something different definitely his tone is different, because he tells the truth. He doesn't pander to black America. He hasn't offered us hot sauce; he's offered us jobs. That makes many people uncomfortable because they're from an era where race hustling is a business. They're used to telling black Americans that they're victims, writing books about victimhood and that is no longer selling in America," she begins.

"And I just wanted to comment back on saying that xenophobia is something that Black Americans are afraid of. Xenophobia means that you have a fear, Mr. West of foreigners. Black Americans are not foreigners in this country. We are a piece of the American dream. We've earned a piece of this American dream. And we're getting tired people telling us that we are somehow separate of it. I mean that's really what I have to say. We're doing tremendous under this presidency. There is no candidate that is offering anything on the left to counter what Trump has offered. They're just offering more rhetoric, more fearmongering and unfortunately, time is up on this narrative. We are ready to move on and embrace our futures," she continued.

Dr. West responded:"If I can come straight, first, xenophobia in the generic sense means the fear of other and black folk have been other than Jim Crow, Jane Crow and so forth. And their understanding - but it's the other those who have been otherized, those who have been marginalized in this. But think of the - when you call my dear sister Maxine Waters low IQ."

Owens then interjected to add that she believes that Waters does have low IQ, but West was not swayed from his mission.

Watch the debate below.