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Yesterday Bernie Sanders proposal to cancel student loan debt throughout the country went to the House. However, some controversial black leaders believe that reparations should take precedence over his legislation.

Just last week came the reparations hearing that aimed to discuss what measures could be taken to properly repay descendants of American slaves. While both sides of the hearing is still being dissected, a new repayment motion has landed on the political forefront.

Bernie Sanders has suggested new legislation that would cancel the $1.6 trillion student loan debt held by 45 million Americans. While a powerful plan, many worry that Sanders’ legislation will overshadow the reparations debate— which some argue has been a longer issue than student loan debt. 

People took to Twitter to voice their opposition of the #CancelStudentDebt movement, claiming that it is yet another issue that will once again put the priority of black Americans on the backburner.

Antonio Moore argues that since there are more white Americans in the U.S. population, they would benefit the most when it comes to the student debt cancellation. 

Tariq Nasheed continues this stance, that while the student debt cancellation may affect the racial wealth gap, it will not do so for long-term success. A pathway American slaves were not awarded when slavery ended 150 years ago.