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A law has been passed in Alabam which will eliminate parental rights of those convicted of first-degree rape.

From Sept. 1, judges in the state will have the power to terminate the parental rights of people convicted of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, and incest.

The new bill has been named 'Jessi's law.' This came as a result of a girl who was raped by her own biological father.

The bill summary of Jessi's Law states that it will "require a juvenile court to find that a parent is unable to properly care for a child and to discharge his or her responsibilities to and for the child in any case where the parent has received a conviction for the crime against the child of rape in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree, or incest, and shall terminate the parental rights of the parent."

The new law will close the gap on a legal loophole that allows rapists to seek custody of children conceived through their assaults.

State Rep. Will Dismukes (R-Prattville) also released a statement clarifying recent reports that Alabama lawmakers have banned abortion for rape victims and that "rapists' parental rights are protected."

He issued a statement which says, “Now it’s mandated that if you’re convicted of rape or incest, that you lose your parental rights.” He continued. “You’re not protected. The judges have always had the discretion, but this just makes it where you lose them. There is no question about it. You know, it doesn’t give any loophole to get out of it. It’s just cut-and-dried.”