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A Portland man found himself the subject of the newest #livingwhileBlack debacle after a white woman called the authorities on him. Her reason? He parked the wrong way.

So, not only do we, not barbecue the right way, or order coffee fast enough, or even babysit without repercussions, we now also can find ourselves the target of harassment for imperfect parking.

Rashsaan Muhammad and Mattie Khan entered Portland's Little Big Burger on North Mississippi Avenue. As they waited for their orders, they a white woman standing across the street, inspecting their parked car.

"She looked odd, but it didn't alarm us," Muhammad told the Portland Mercury. While walking back to their car, they noticed the woman was on the phone and overheard her describing their vehicle and reading off the license plate number.

"I tried to start a conversation, I asked her who she was calling and what was going on," Muhammad said. "It was clear she was talking to the police." 

A source close to the woman told the Mercury that she was, in fact, placing a call to the Portland Bureau of Transportation's parking enforcement hotline

Khan then began recording the interaction on her phone. In the video, the overly concerned citizen looks directly into the camera and points at the car. "You can't block the crosswalk," she says. "Look at this. You are!" 

Muhammad admits that is was a "tight fit" when he parked, but was hoping to place and collect his food order and be gone in minutes.

"She didn't try to talk to us. She just called the police," Muhammad said. "Why would people spend the time just trying to make our lives harder instead of talking it out like neighbors?"

The couple filmed the incident an posted the footage to Facebook.

"It's part of a bigger problem that we as a community need to address," Muhammad said.

"New people come in and change a neighborhood and it causes these kind of stressful situations," he said. "We don't interact with each other they way we used to.

"We've watching this city change," said Muhammad. "And we can't let this keep happening to our community."

In the video, she can be seen speaking with the couple, claiming that she had been waiting for 10 minutes and that the couple's car had blocked the crosswalk. The video has already been viewed almost 100k times and shared over 2000 times on Facebook alone. Of course, the comments section was on fire, with viewers chastising #crosswalkcathy for calling it in.

"Police are not your personal hitmen for black people smh this shit be making my blood boil glad ya’ll safe!!"

"They picked the right two lol! Love how you both handled this! True macro aggressive behavior! She showed how truly pathetic and ridiculous her people are! Sidewalk Sara tried it!!"

"No one cares, I'm so sorry that your petty enough to call the police over something that small. Go home, dont you have something organic you need to buy?! lmao"

"Blocking the Crosswalk or Not, it’s worthy of calling the police??? She’s a CLOWN! 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄"

Khan also commented on the post, "My car was maybe a inch in the yellow. Like if you wanted to walk straight across the street you could it wasn’t blocking the cross walk were you could walk

"She wasn’t even walking on the side of the street that would have been blocked. And if she wanted to walk across my car wasn’t blocking The cross walk. it was just crossing the line a little."