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A video showing a white woman apparently blocking the entrance of a building and not allowing a Black woman to "go anywhere" has gone viral.

The woman blocked Instagram user Tasheerah Rashad because she said Rashad would try to "rob somebody."

The video was shared online by activists such as Simraj Jeet Singh, and the incident reportedly took place in Maryland's Montgomery County.

In the video, which lasts about a minute, Rashad can be seen being held by an old white woman who appears to be blocking the main door of a building. Rashad explains that the white woman was stopping her from leaving her own building. 

"White people are crazy as f*ck. Can you see her? Do y'all see her? Do y'all really see her? If I beat her ass, then what?" she says in the video clip.

"You got three seconds to get out of the way, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you," she tells the woman, as a child is heard from out of the frame, begging the woman - "Nana please," he says. 

Rashad then asked the child to tell her to move.

"Nana, please," the child repeatedly says from outside the door. 

"No, I'm not," the woman replies, "I'm not letting you out of this building. Who are you talking to on that phone? Is it a resident of this building?"  

"Here's a old ass woman guys," Rashad says as the child continues to plead with his grandmother to move.

"Tell your nana to get her ass out of the way," says Rashad.

At this point, the child comes up to the door and opens it, and the woman scurries out. 

Rashad becomes frustrated and continues to yell at the woman to move.

"You gonna go rob somebody?" the woman responds before walking away with her grandson.