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The woman who went viral for her racist rant outside of a CVS has issued an apology after facing backlash from the public which led to her losing her job.

"Please do not contact me. I was intoxicated and I sincerely apologize to everyone whom I disrespected and let down for my actions. Please forgive me."

To make amends, she even offered to post Black businesses on her Instagram account.

Heather Lynn Patton of from California and was captured on camera mid-rant as she walked out of a CVS pharmacy.

At the beginning of the video, Patton is seen jumping up and down at the entrance of the CVS and yelling, "I hate n*ggers." A woman behind the camera then questions as to whether Patton "is on drugs or something," Patton replies, "no I just hate n*ggers."

"I would kill a n*gger, but the law says I can't kill the n*ggers. If the law didn't say I couldn't kill the n*ggers they'd all be dead!" she can also be heard screaming.

Adrene Ashford, who filmed the video, spoke to Heavy and explained that the offensive interaction took place inside the CVS before spilling out into the streets. Her rant quickly spread across the internet, and social media got to work, quickly identifying her.

Patton claims that since the incident, people have been showing up to her home, harassing her - but wants to be left alone.

Her meek apology is a far cry from her bold, racist tirade as she proudly boasted about wanted to kill Blacks.