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A white teenager from Oregon who went viral with several of her peers after they dressed up in black face paint said she had no idea the girl posting the photo would include a racist hashtag - and called the backlash "unfair."

"In my opinion the picture was innocent until somebody made it wrong," said Jasmine Bates told KEZI. "I didn't even know that the picture was posted until Sunday morning," 

The girl who posted the photo on Snapchat added the caption: #n*ggergang to the image.

Bates says that the incident began when she and other kids volunteered to scare people at a haunted barn, for their school's Future Farmers of America chapter.

"I signed up for the role doing people in black, and there was other people that did it too, and our job was basically to hide. One person hid behind the wall and like jumped out and scared people," she explained before saying that adult chaperones were in tow.

"He told us to put our hair back and our hoods up and have our faces painted black so that they wouldn't be visible at all," she said. "We took a picture, this group picture," she said. "And after everyone walked away, the girl who had took the picture posted the picture with the caption' hashtag whatever,' and the rest of us weren't really aware of what she said."

She then says that the next morning, she was shocked at the image went viral for the racist hashtag and black face.

“The whole thing just doesn't seem fair to me that all of us are getting blamed and attacked online for the one girl's action,” she added.

The bottom line is... always say "no" to black face.