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A Utah police officer who drew his gun on a 10-year-old Black boy will not lose his job.

The Woods Cross officer — who police have not identified approached D.J. Hrubes while searching for two shooting suspects. The officer claimed that he mistook the child for one of the suspects.

Jerri Hrubes, the boy's mother, told the Salt Lake Tribune that heard police sirens outside and first thought there must be a fire nearby.

“I didn’t think much of it until I heard something in the front yard,” she said.

She then told them that when she looked outside, she saw an officer with a gun pointed toward her son’s head, telling the boy to put his hands in the air. Her son is developmentally delayed and has vision issues then asked the officer what he did wrong, the officer responded by telling him not to ask any questions.


The police have asked Davis County Attorney's office to review the officer's actions and how the agency responded, Chief Chad Soffe said. 

"We want to learn from this; we don't want people to be traumatized by our efforts to protect the community," he said.

The officer reportedly returned to Jerri following the incident to apologize for making her feel unsafe. But the family wants justice.

"If it's true that the justification to point a gun at this child is because they were told the suspects might be black, Hispanic or Polynesian, are they saying this officer was entitled to stop and point his gun at every male fitting that description?" said Karra Porter, an attorney working with the family.