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A substitute teacher from North Carolina is under fire after telling students that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. killed himself.

The incident took place at Rand Road Elementary by Elizabeth Temple, who obviously has no business teaching history. Temple reportedly became frustrated with the class as she could not get them to settle down and decided to tell them that Dr. King was not assassinated, but that he instead committed suicide.

Temple reportedly told the students that people who didn’t support Trump weren’t real Christians before telling another student (who was dressed in athletic clothing) that he was wearing “prison attire.”

“What book is she reading and obviously it’s not the right one, and for her to say this to a classroom full of kids, giving them that misinformed information is just bogus,” student parent, Billy Byrd told WTVD. 

“We can’t afford to have anybody in the school system that is teaching this damaging rhetoric to any kid—White or Black.

“[She] found the need to comment on my son’s appearance and the clothing that he was wearing” and “told my son and his fellow male peers of color that their clothing marked them for PRISON…..YES PRISON!” he wrote on Facebook according to the HuffPost.

“She basically targeted me,” Byrd's son Nathan told news station WRAL. “She said, ‘If y’all keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to go to jail’. So, I stood up in front of the class and I said, ‘So, you’re basically going to predict my future that hasn’t even happened yet?’”

Chief of communications for the Wake County Public School System Timothy Simmons told the Huffington Post in a statement:

The school became aware of the students’ concerns Friday afternoon as classes were ending. The principal and staff talked with as many students as possible before the day ended. Based on those conversations, the substitute teacher was contacted over the weekend and immediately resigned. She is no longer eligible to teach in the district.