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A Black man shared that he was asked to change his Black Panther t-shirt after he was photographed in it for his Employee Of The Month picture at Sam’s Club.

T.C. Daniels shared the incident on Facebook:

"Yesterday I'm at work and one of my managers calls me into the office. They tell me a man has called several times to complain about my employee of the month picture. He believes that my shirt is offensive and told them that if it was someone with a KKK shirt on they wouldn't be allowed to wear that. My store manager is furious at the ignorance of this members complaint. At the request of a marketing compliance manager they ask if I will retake my picture," he wrote.

He continued:

"I tell them I'll be more than happy to retake my picture with the entire shirt showing. If thats not an option than I don't want another picture you can just leave the space blank. I'm not sure what triggered this man or how you get offended by a fictional super hero character. I can only assume you saw the characters name the individual wearing it and chose to make your own assumptions about me. I refuse to appease these type of people or give this man the satisfaction he is so desperately seeking. I'm disappointed that no one in compliance asked to even see my picture before requesting me to change it."

Daniel revealed that he was asked to do this on the same day that Marvel creator, Stan Lee, passed away and that his t-shirt did not violate any dress code policy and that he purchased it at Sam's Club affiliate Walmart.

Sam's Club released the following statement, supporting Daniels.

"We respect and support T.C.'s decision not to retake the photo and agree that his shirt is not offensive. He is a great associate and his photo will remain posted."

A smart move. Black Friday is just around the corner!