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Black rag dolls designed to be slammed against the wall as a stress reliever have been pulled from the shelves after backlash from the public claiming that the toys are racist.

The "Feel Better Doll" was being sold in One Dollar Zone outlets across the country and reportedly featured instructions to "whack" the doll "whenever things don't go well."

New Jersey state legislator Angela McKnight said the "Feel Better Doll" has no place in any store after finding the dolls.

McKnight called the toy "offensive and disturbing on so many levels."

"It is clearly made in an inappropriate representation of a black person and instructs people to 'slam' and 'whack' her," McKnight wrote in a statement on Facebook. "Racism has no place in the world, and I will not tolerate it, especially not in this district."

The dolls are made of black fabric and have red, black, yellow and green hair and a bright white smile.

"When I saw the doll in person, I cringed and was truly disheartened by the thought of a black child being beaten by another child or an adult for pure pleasure," she wrote. "To have a product depict or teach children that it is OK to hit another child, regardless of race, in order to feel good is sick. Dolls should be a symbol of love, care and affection," she said per AP.

Dollar Zone resident Ricky Shah apologized and said the dolls were immediately pulled from shelves last week after customer complaints. 

"This somehow slipped through the cracks," he said.