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Lousiville, KY police are facing backlash after a video of them striking a young, Black male in the head with a taser while several of them pinned him to the ground has gone viral.

The Facebook video shows an officer pointing a taser at somebody in the crowd before striking the handcuffed Black male, (identified as Matthew Murphy) with the object while four officers pinned on the ground before carrying him horizontally into a police cruiser as they attempted to arrest him outside of a local bar.

Facebook viewers had a lot to say about the footage:

"Why do police get a pass on physically striking someone once they are down?" one viewer wrote.

" you can hear that sh*t too over all the other noise!!! I don’t give 2 f*cks if dude was given them a hard time! It was 3 if them! No restraint what so ever," another wrote.

"Yes sus an he wasn’t even resisting arrest or anything cracked him in his head with the Taser wow 😯" said another.

Murphy’s mugshot clearly shows him with multiple marks around his eyes, nose, and cheeks. He was later with assaulting police and other counts and held on a $25,000 bond.

In the video, Murphy does not appear to be resisting arrest. As the video continues to make it's way around the internet, we wait to see whether the officers involved will face disciplinary action. This was not a textbook arrest by any stretch of the imagination.  You can view the video below.