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In Canton Ohio, a group of police officers were caught on camera attacking a young, Black male, throwing him to the ground and choking him.

In the video, five officers can be seen standing outside of the family's home, one of the officers appears to be trying to pull one of the men to the side. From the porch, one of the young males, who appeared to be a teenager, can be heard screaming "Don't touch my f*cking mom" and becomes extremely distressed as the officers appear to be verbally abusive towards the family, approaching the steps.

It is unclear whether or not the officers had a warrant to step onto the family's property. One officer continues to walk towards the young man repeating "What are you gonna do?" in a very combative manner. The mother and son attempt to walk away and enter their home, but are unable to as the officers force the screen door back open and drag them back out onto the porch. He is then thrown to the ground, as the officer grabs him around the throat, pushing his face into the ground. Another officer then grabs his arm and before joining his colleague in further shoving the young, Black male's face into the floor. The remaining officers can be seen in the background the family members back, preventing them from rescuing him as three officers can be seen pinning him to the ground.

More police arrive on the scene and the young man, his mother, and a third male are all arrested.

Prominent Black leader, Tariq Nasheed, uploaded to video to Twitter, with some harsh words for law enforcement.

"In Canton Ohio, a group of race soldiers attacked & abused an entire Black family. One of the race soldiers-"officer" Gary Premier can be seen snatching one of the youths out of his home, throwing him on the ground, and choking him. This is the Rahowa (racial holy war) against us."

"And ive seen white kids talk to cops way worst to police on the streets of VA, not even in their homes, and nothing is said or done to them. These cops were mad a black man told them to kick rocks, violated the rights of him and his family, and should be fired for it!!!It's probably the worst kept secret in America that alt-right hate group members sign up for the police force in a, orchestrated effort to further their agenda and undermine the justice system," one follower commented under the post.

"No offense.I get it. We need to learn how to exercise our 4th, 5th & 6th admin rights more than emotions. You ask questions too: do you have a warrant for the arrest? Did someone commit a crime? Why are we being detained? Call your supervisor? I would comply, thereafter & sue," typed another.

"The damn cops should have been de-escalating the situation, not the other way around. Scary that they are patrolling the streets. Full investigation needed," another added.

They are attacking our women and our children, locking up our men and now our homes aren't even safe. Surely, being dragged out of their homes while trying to avoid conflict and harassment from law enforcement is a crime?

This has got to stop. This needs to go viral!