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A video has been posted online of a police officer threatening to shoot a Black man as he sits in his car with his arms raised.

At the beginning of the video, the officer is heard ordering the Black driver to turn his car off. As the man appears to move to turn the car off, the officer can be heard yelling, "got a gun," and the driver quickly asks, "where?"

The officer then repeatedly orders the man to cut the car off, but the man refuses to do so for fear of getting shot.

The incident took place in Helena West Helena, Arkansas and went viral after the video was shared by activist Shaun King:

"Watch this! Watch this cop, who clearly doesn't know he's being filmed, start screaming that this Black man has a gun. He just makes it up. He's clearly looking for an excuse to kill this man," he wrote in the caption.

"Can you please tell me this cop's name and the department he's a part of? He at least needs to be suspended immediately. He should be fired for this, honestly. It's a glimpse into his character."

The man in question, Edrick Truitt streamed the encounter on Facebook Live.

"He had it drawn before he even came to the car," Truitt said. He told Fox 13 that he headed back to Jonesboro he stopped at the Double Quick gas station on Oakland Street where he waited for friends. 

Truitt says the officer spotted his AR-15 on the backseat of his car.