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Kawhi Leonard, the L.A. Clippers Foundation and non-profit community partner Baby2Baby, have announced that they will be donating one million backpacks to children from low-income families.

Every single student in the Moreno Valley Unified, Inglewood Unified, and Los Angeles Unified School Districts will receive a new backpack to start the school year. 

Leonard made the announcement at Cloverdale Elementary School in his hometown of Moreno Valley. The generous baller was soon joined by Baby2Baby Ambassador's actresses Zooey Deschanel, Busy Philipps, and Nicole Richie.

Co-Presidents Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein also attended 107th Street Elementary School in Watts to distribute backpacks in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).


"My goal this year is to make a meaningful contribution both on and off the court. This felt like the right way to get started. It was important to me to make this announcement in my hometown of Moreno Valley at my former Elementary School, but the benefits this program will have across all of Los Angeles makes today even more special," said Leonard in a statement.

"There are a lot of families throughout the L.A. region working hard every day to earn everything in their lives. This program is our effort to extend a hand to make heading back to school a little easier," said Gillian Zucker, President of Business Operations, L.A. Clippers. "Our deepest appreciation goes out to Kawhi Leonard and Baby2Baby's incredible network of ambassadors who walk the walk when it comes to using their platforms and voices to provide real solutions to impact the everyday lives of the people around us."