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Montreal police department has issued an arrest warrant for a man alleged to be a top-ranking member of a neo-Nazi group.

Gabriel Sohier Chaput, who called himself Zeiger online, has been accused of willful promotion of hatred which includes hate speech and attempting to recruit others to the neo-Nazi cause. The warrant was issued last month.

The warrant came after Montreal Gazette published an investigation into Chaput, revealing that he was a white supremacist living in Montreal, and recruiting people both online and in person.

Chaput was one of the most frequent writers on the white supremacist website Daily Stormer. The spotlight was shined on Chaput after he was spotted at the now world-famous far-right rally in Charlottesville.

Credit: SPLC - Gabriel Sohier Chaput

Credit: SPLC - Gabriel Sohier Chaput

“Anti-fascists in Montreal were able to identify that the person who spoke in the VICE (News) documentary was this person named Zeiger and research into who Zeiger was they realized he was this very important figure in the far right,” said journalist Jon Milton.

He is now believed to have left Canada


Harvey Levine of B'nai Brith told Montreal News:

“He was sort of openly and unapologetically arguing in favor of working towards a whites-only ethnostate which, in his view, can only be accomplished by a race war,” said Levine. "We were assured by the hate crimes unit that it took this long because they wanted to build up a very, very, very strong. They gathered a lot of information, a lot of data, etc.," said Levine.