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A Black woman hailing from Memphis, Tennessee is calling for a local priest's firing after she would not allow him to clean his church, because of his racist dog.

"You're supposed to be godly. God doesn't see color," LaShundra Allen told FOX13. Rather than admit that he is prejudiced, he blamed it on his unwitting canine.

"I was just supposed to clean the church, and I was supposed to go to the pastor's house and clean as well," said Allen of the incident which allegedly took place on May 3.

Allen was introduced to church staff at Catholic Church of the Incarnation in Collierville by the woman she was replacing, but her new gig was short-lived.

"They were just like, 'Well, I'm not really sure how to say this,' kind of like in a joking way," she said. "But Father Jacek doesn't want black people cleaning the house because his dog is racist."

Allen claimed that she had never crossed paths with Father Jacek Kowal up until that point.

The priest sent a statement to Fox News in which he wholeheartedly discounts the racism allegations of racism - and his dog.

He claims that when his German Shepherd was younger, it "had a bad experience with a stranger who happened to be African American." 

He then told them that since the incident, the dog had reacted badly to Blacks.

"I didn't even know what to say. They were acting like I was just supposed to be ok with it. Joking around with it, and I'm just like, 'That's not ok. You just told me you didn't want me in your house because I'm colored skinned,'" said Allen.

Allen said she asked whether the dog could be placed in a crate while she and her co-worker cleaned, but she was turned down flatly. The priest claimed that he was busy with "back-to-school duties" and "didn't have time to crate the dog."

Allen the offered to do it herself, but the priest said that he was worried that the dog would bite them.

"I really feel like they need to know it's not right. It's not ok for them to do that to people of color," Allen said. She is calling for the priest to resign from the church.

Allen's attorney, Maureen Holland, told FOX13 they're exploring their legal options if she is forced to take this to court.