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Jussie Smollett's PR team has responded to the city of Chicago's lawsuit against the star, claiming that "every iota" of his account of being attacked back in January is "true."

The statement says, "every iota of information ... Smollett has stated has been fully corroborated."

Smollett claims that late night on a freezing Chicago night, he was attacked on the way to Subway by two white Trump supporters. Smollett claimed that he was punched by his attackers. He also claimed that they poured bleach over him and placed a noose around his neck while yelling "MAGA Country!!."

Smollett was soon accused of setting up the attack with the Osundairo brothers and was indicted on 16 charges of disorderly conduct. State prosecutors abruptly dropped charges against Smollett related to making a false report in March. 

However, the Chicago Police Department and city officials are adamant that Smollett orchestrated the January incident and have filed a claim to recoup $130,000 the city spent on police overtime.

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has promised to cooperate with the newly assigned Special Prosecutor Dan Webb as he investigates how her office handled the Jussie Smollett case. Webb will review the case and decide whether Smollett should be re-charged.

"The ability to talk about my record, the ability to talk about where we've been, I'm ready for that conversation all day and look forward to sharing with the people of Cook County the commitment that we have to serving them," she said on Tuesday.