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The organizer of the #HimToo rally proudly declared her support of 'white pride'

During a far-right rally in Portland, Oregon, Haley Adams, a member of the Patriot Prayer, proclaimed that she is a proud white nationalist.

According to Rawstory, Adams says she is a “civil rights activist,” and that she rejected gender equality. She told the gathering, “Men and women are different. We have different roles.”

After the rally, she was filmed saying: “Damn straight I support white pride. I support my race.[...] Everyone should be supportive of their own race.”

The clip, which was filmed by @arunindy, was posted to Twitter and has divided social media.

"You support your race...we all support our race..." No. I support good ideas,& good people. Some of us really really don't spend hours stuck on "what skin color means."Its melanin. That's it. You're not special,to deserve special treatment for having a particular shade," one follower wrote.

Another commented:

"What seems to be missing from her stated philosophy - being proud of your own race/heritage is not the same as thinking you're superior to & should therefore dominate or remove all others. #moron"

"Soooo taking pride in your country while also being white makes you a "white nationalist". Guess im a black nationalist everyone" somebody added.

The far right are too busy arguing over which alt-right group organized the rally.

Poor, delusional Haley.

How a woman can oppose gender equality is beyond me. But whatever works.