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A former General Motors worker, who worked at the company for 40 years, of 40 years had a message for Trump following his recent remarks about the company's layoff.

"We are the magic wand. We are the people that kept GM here all that time," Carmela Denno told CNN's "Newsroom."

GM announced Monday that it would be cutting 14,000 jobs across five facilities in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland and Ontario, and Canada. The President boasted that his administration had "found the magic wand" for manufacturing in the United States is "actually going to be increasing."

"I feel we kept GM here, not any president," Denno, who voted for Trump, said."Our jobs need to stay here. These people are the ones that will keep the economy in this area alive. With no jobs, how can they do that?"

Trump had promised auto workers that he would keep manufacturing jobs in the US and used the issue to win votes during the presidential campaign. But it hasn't even been a full two years, and the opposite is happening.

 "Our jobs need to stay here," says retired GM worker. "It's a sad day. People are going to be losing benefits. It is going to affect the whole tri-county area around us," she said.