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A viral video shows an adult man physically holding down a black child by the head and neck on a playground. The video, recorded by the boy’s sister, records the man physically and verbally attacking both children.

In a Greenfield park in Pittsburg, a young girl helplessly records an adult man physically abusing her brother. The video shows the 46 year old man using not only his hands, but his entire body weight over the child’s arms and face to restrain him to the ground. The sister is heard pleading with the man to let her brother go.

With her brother’s mouth bleeding, the man refuses to get off because the child “just assaulted me” he screams. The video abruptly ends when the man then threatens hit his sobbing sister.

The man’s name has yet to be identified. All that is known thus far is that he is a retired firefighter who lives across the park. In screenshots next to the video, social media users aware of the man’s racist reputation, state his relationships with current law enforcement which allows him to act without consequence.

It is unclear what the situation was before the recording, however, the mother of the two children posted on her Facebook that the man yelled racist slurs at the playing children as he approached them. He has yet to be arrested.