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Minister Louis Farrakhan addressed the Nation of Islam at its annual Saviors' Day convention, where he took the opportunity to tear into President Donald Trump.

"Mr. Trump, when you were running for office, you (were) talking about going into Iraq and taking the oil," he said. "See, that's thug talk. That's the talk of a beast."

Farrakhan then compared Trump's presidency to the vision of the Founding Fathers:

 "The world was looking at a president who wants to be king when the Constitution and the Founding Fathers were trying to run away from what they suffered in Europe under the kings.

"And, I have to say to my president, Mr. President, please be careful, because you are upsetting a lot of people. What will you do if he gets a second term?" he said. "See, the hatred is building for him, because God allowed him to be president. Don't you think that God isn't interested in who sits in the White House that holds sway over his people that he has chosen as his people?"

Farrakhan made his comments before a packed hall at TCF Center in downtown Detroit as he delivered his "The Unraveling of a Great Nation" keynote address.

Saviors' Day honors the birth of W. Fard Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam, and the Great Mahdi of the Muslims.  

"You, my poor pitiful brothers and sisters, you are opting to be a part of that that is unraveling right in front of your eyes," he said. "You see the country cascading downward. You see the moral fiber of America getting into the gutter."