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Facebook and Instagram are cracking down on sexually suggestive emojis across their social media platforms.

According to the NY Post, the new policy went into effect last month. 

Newsweek reports that in order to violate the policy, a user's post must meet two criteria: it has to contain an "offer or ask" [ie. asking for sex, asking for nudes or asking for explicit chats] alongside "suggestive elements," including "contextually specific and commonly sexual emoji or emoji strings."

This also includes, "imagery of real individuals with nudity covered by human parts, objects or digital obstruction, including long shots of fully nude bottoms" and "mentions or depictions of sexual activity such as: sexual roles, sex positions, fetish scenarios, state of arousal, act of sexual intercourse or activity (sexual penetration or self-pleasuring)."

So, there is not an outright ban of the popular suggestive emojis, which include eggplants, peaches, and tongues, but they are being restricted when posted alongside a sexual "ask."

"[Content] will only be removed... if it contains a sexual emoji alongside an implicit or indirect ask for nude imagery, sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations. We aren't taking action on simply the emoji," a Facebook company spokesperson told Newsweek.

The company spoke to the Daily Dot, telling them that all of the details about the new emoji ban are readily available on their website.

"We publish these changes on our Community Standards site, so our community is aware. With this update, nothing changed in terms of the policy itself or how we enforce it, we simply updated the language to make it clearer for our community."