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Domino's Pizza Worker Fired - Used Racial Slur On Receipt!! (READ IT)


The new administration is bringing out all of the closet racists and popular pizza chain Domino’s Pizza is not exempt from the madness. In Burlington, NC, an employee of the fast-food chain was let go after allegedly using a racial slur on his customer’s receipt.

Myasia Nelson visited the store to place an order for two pizzas and a side of wings at a Domino’s that Monday night. While waiting for the food to be ready, she glanced at the order board and was shocked to see the n-word, spelled "NIGA," beside her order instead of her name.

“I looked up, and I pointed it out to my sister. She didn’t believe me at first because the whole picture went away to the Domino’s advertising screen,” Nelson told the Burlington Times. “It popped back up. That is when I was in shock.”

“Nobody seemed to say anything. I know his manager was talking to him and he was laughing about it at first,” Nelson continued. “We canceled the whole order and left.”

When the employee was questioned by his supervisor, Junior Snyder, he denied using the slur. Instead he claimed that he could not understand Nelson’s name and just “typed in anything” into the computer. Nelson rejected his explanation, stating that her name, Myasia, sounds nothing like the word he chose to input into the system.

“Trying to say it was a misspelling — I don’t know where he got that from,” Nelson explained. “… I am being told he didn’t know how to spell, and then I am being told that it was a misspelling and all these other excuses.”

The employee was eventually fired, a move which was commended by Domino’s Pizza and Nelson was offered a $50 for her troubles. A gesture which she promptly rejected.

“As you might expect, this behavior is repulsive and intolerable and has no place in our brand,” Domino’s said in a statement to Newsweek. “There are more than 15,000 Domino’s units in 90 countries around the world – we are a diverse, inclusive brand and there is no tolerance for that behavior.”

We’ve already had one pizza chain take a huge hit in 2018 over racial ignorance. John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s, was forced to step down as the face of the franchise and as CEO after it was revealed that he had used racial slurs during a conference call with staff. This comes on the back of blaming loss of profits for his already failing company on NFL protesters taking a knee,

And it isn’t just pizza. The Burlington event mirrors an incident which took place earlier this year when a Starbucks employee called the police on two African American males in Philadelphia after the entered the store and did not purchase any coffee as they waited for a business associate. 

The incident caused national outrage and the coffee giants were forced to shut down 8,000 of their stores to discuss racial profiling. Several weeks later the chain faces backlash again after an LA-based employee wrote a racial slur on the coffee cup of a Latino customer.