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Bertrum Jean, the father of Botham Jean, has said that he wished his son's killer, Amber Guyger, had received a stiffer sentence but that he does not wish to see her "rot in prison."

During an interview with CNN, he spoke about his son Brandt Jean's extraordinary show forgiveness after Guyger received a sentence of 10 years.

"I felt the same way as Brandt," Bertrum Jean told CNN. "I wish I could've extended that same courtesy … I don't want to see her rot in hell. I don't want to see her rot in prison."

"That's what Christ would want us to do. If you will not forgive, neither will your Father forgive you. I don't want to see her rot in hell. I don't want to see her rot in prison. I hope this will help her to change and recognize the damage, the hurt that our family's going through. So I wish her well, and I will pray for her family and pray for her as well."

Guyger, 30, claimed that she was off duty but still in uniform Sept. 6 when she shot and killed Jean in his apartment in the Cedars. Jean was watching football on his couch when Guyger entered his apartment, which Guyger claims that she mistook for her own.

Benjamin Crump, one of the attorneys for the Jean family, said he had not seen anything similar in a courtroom.

“This was an extraordinary moment from an extraordinary family,” he said. “They are a very godly family, and what Mr. Bertrum and Brandt were talking about was her internal grace, even though Alison, the mother, has expressed that there must be worldly consequences.”