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Billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is catching heat after he referred to fellow Democratic candidate Sen. Cory Booker as "well-spoken."

"Cory Booker endorsed me a number of times. And I endorsed Cory Booker a number of times. He's very well-spoken. He's got some good ideas. It would be better the more diverse any group is," Bloomberg said to Gayle King during an interview with CBS.

Bloomberg's remarks come following Booker's criticism of the DNC following Sen. Kamala Harris' exit from the race.

"What message is that sending, that we heralded the most diverse field in our history, and now we're seeing people like her dropping out of this campaign, not because Iowa voters had the voice?" Booker said. "Voters did not determine her destiny."

"I cannot tell you how much I believe in our primaries. And I've seen folk here in Iowa belie what all the predictions are and show us what real viability is," Booker continued. "It was this state that set a trajectory for the first black man in American history to become president — and, frankly, somebody that was way behind Hillary Clinton right now in the polls [at] that time."

Booker visited Sirium XM's Signal Boost where he responded to Bloomberg's condescending remarks:

"Mike and I have known each other for a long time. When I was first becoming the mayor of the city of Newark, he gave me a tremendous amount of practical support, so I just have a great deal of regard for him as somebody who, you know, helped me help the city of Newark."

He continued, "But I agree with you that it's sort of stunning at times that we are still revisiting these sort of tired tropes or the language we have out there that folks I don't think understand, the fact that they don't understand, that it's problematic."